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Our barn and shed plans guide you through the building process. They consist of drawings with dimensions and there is a materials list included for each plan. Printed on heavy paper ranging in size from 20" x 25" to 24" x 36" flat, they are folded like a road map to ship out in an envelope to you.

Better Barns plans aren't limited to traditional barns. Our designs can be used to build a writer's studio, woodworking or hobby shop, potting shed, music practice room, or pool cabana. Our buildings are tastefully proportioned and architecturally pleasing. They lend themselves to a diverse range of uses, limited only by your imagination.

We do not have building support and unfortunately cannot help you with your building project.  Be sure you have professional help or a friend or family member with building experience to go to for advice and consultation before and during the project.

Please order online, call us with credit card information or send a check.  There is state sales tax if you are in Connecticut.

For info on shipping outside the US please email us.


Plywood Colonial 12 x 16 Plan

This is another versatile barn plan that offers the double doors on both the side, with two sash windows, and the gable end with the transom. There is also a sash window on the other long wall and an optional overhang and wall partition.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2017...]

Price: $29.95


Cedar Colonial 12 x 16 Plan

This is a versatile all cedar plan. It gives you the option of the double doors on the gable end with a sash and transom window, and a set of double doors with two sash windows on the long side. There is an optional overhang and wall partition.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2020...]

Price: $29.95


Plywood Colonial 10 x 16 Plan

This versatile plywood barn plan offers cedar doors on both the side, with two sash windows, and the gable end with a transom window above. Also an optional wall partition.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2009...]

Price: $29.95


Cedar Colonial 10 x 16 Plan

This barn plan is featured on the cover of Building a Shed. It has the extended overhang, double doors and transom on the gable end, with two larger windows on the side.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2015...]

Price: $29.95


Cedar Colonial 10 x 12 Plan

Add a wood storage unit on the long side, in back, store your firewood out of the weather. This puttering shed was featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2014...]

Price: $29.95


Plywood Colonial 10’ x 12’ Plan

This barn is framed for plywood siding with cedar trim. It has one set of double doors with a transom above and two 2’ x 2’ sash windows.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2016...]

Price: $29.95


English Potting Shed 10 x 12 Plan

This plan was featured in April 2005 Popular Mechanics Magazine. It has a small covered porch, a window on each side wall and one on the back.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2021...]

Price: $29.95


Cedar Saltbox 8 x 12 Plan

This plan design was also featured in the Taunton Press book Building a Shed.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2013...]

Price: $29.95


Modified Gambrel 12 x 20 Plan

This plan is in the book Building a Shed. It is a modified pole building.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2008...]

Price: $29.95


Cedar Wood Addition 8’ x 10’ Plan

This is the wood storage unit addition that was featured in the Popular Mechanics Magazine. It can be added to an existing structure or one of our barn plans.

[Better Barns Product ID: 2022...]

Price: $4.95


How to Build a Better Barn DVD Video

We made a DVD of one of our founders, Peter Charest and his crew building the 12’ x16’ plywood colonial barn plan #2017. Very helpful advice and tips.

[Better Barns Product ID: 5011...]

Price: $9.95


Ring Latch & Padlock Eyes

Imported old fashioned heavy duty hardware we use on our barn doors. This latch also opens on the inside of your door with a second 3" ring. Comes with lockable padlock eyes and fastening hardware. Size: 6 1/2" x 4"

[Better Barns Product ID: 3015...]

Price: $50.00


Building Sheds, New Edition by Joseph Truini

An absolutely incredible book for anyone attempting to build a barn or small storage building. Expert advice written by Joseph Truini and the Taunton Press Build Like a Pro Series. Price includes shipping.

[Better Barns Product ID: 5013...]

Price: $34.95


Pair of Twelve Inch Hinges

Imported, improved, old fashioned heavy duty 12" pair of hinges. Same style we have used for years. Made from stainless steel with a black powder coating. Fastening hardware is included.

[Better Barns Product ID: 3012...]

Price: $80.00


Hinges & Ring Latch with Lockable Padlock Eyes

A full set to hang a pair of our double doors. Complete with two pairs of the new stainless steel version of the imported 12" strap hinges #3012 and a lockable ring latch #3015. Fastening hardware is included.

[Better Barns Product ID: 3014...]

Price: $200.00


6 Inch Cast Iron Hook

Imported. A simple means of latching a gate or door. Ideal whenever a gate or door hold back is required. Perfect for locking that sliding bathroom or bedroom door from the inside. Fastening hardware is included.

[Better Barns Product ID: 3037...]

Price: $20.00


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